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Gospel Authorship Q&A: The Masked Scholar Interviews Henry Davis

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Henry Davis Creating Christianity Interview

Recently I was kindly asked by The Masked Scholar if I would appear on his YouTube channel to discuss the information presented in my book regarding the Calpurnius Piso authorship of the New Testament and creation of Christianity.

I was happy to talk, and my thanks go to The masked Scholar for inviting me.

Click here to watch the video

Topics discussed include:

The Brothel sponsored Journeys of Paul

The Book of Revelations

The Alpha and Omega,

The Angels,

The number 666 and the Lamb being used as references to Arrius Piso, High Priests and Nero

The Myth of Christian Persecution

The Papal Fraud

The Shakespeare/King James link, the Inner Circle writers, Pliny and the Calpurnius lineage. The suspicious Lukan Genealogy of Christ in the Gospels

Arius and the Arian Heresy

Piso Roman links to Judaism and Christianity

The Crusades

Constantine and Eusebius

The Gnostics and Marcion

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