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New Interview With History Valley

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

The origins of christianity history valley creating christianity a weapon of ancient rome

I was recently asked by Jacob Berman, the host of the YouTube Channel, 'History Valley', to do an interview. In this interview, Jacob asked me questions regarding why I have come to the conclusions I have and asked me to try and explain the evidence supporting Emperor Vespasian's descent from Herod the Great.

Admittedly I was not at my best for this interview, I had been unwell that week, so I may not have been as clear as I would have liked to have been when giving my answers - this is complex information to remember at the best of times!

If you are still unclear about some of the answers I gave in this interview, the information can be found on this site, and, of course, in my book.

Thanks go to Jacob for inviting me to talk.

To listen to the interview, please click on the image above.

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