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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome's Aristocracy
And Its Role In

Creating Christianity

 Henry Davis is a historian and bestselling author 

who is currently in the final year of a

degree in Classical Studies.

evidence from his book has been used in his degree essays, all of which have passed assessment.

Creating Christianity A Weapon Of Ancient Rome Book
Institute of classical studies hellenic and roman library

A Best Seller in New Testament Criticism and Ancient Roman history on Amazon. Now available in the Hellenic and Roman Library - Institute of Classical Studies

roman emperors
"...there was no writer, at least in the realm of history, who had not
made some false statement, and even pointed out the places
in which Livy and Sallust, Cornelius Tacitus, and, finally, Trogus​ could be
refuted by manifest proofs, he came over wholly to my opinion, and,
throwing up his hands, he jestingly said besides:
Well then, write as you will.
You will be safe in saying whatever you wish, since you will have as
comrades in falsehood those authors whom we
admire for the style of their histories.

(Historia Augusta, The Life of Aurelian, 2. 2)

It is only through genealogies that the oligarchy of ancient rome and its role in the creation of christianity can be uncovered.

Pick A Genealogy To Learn More

emperor vespasian
flavius josephus
emperor trajan
'Flavius Josephus'
Descent From
Herod The Great
Emperor Vespasian's
Descent From
Herod The Great
Emperor Trajan And
Pliny The Younger's
Mutual Ancestry
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