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I am an independent historical researcher with a passion for ancient history who is currently completing a degree in classical studies. Until I recently embarked on a degree, my knowledge of early Christianity, the classics, and ancient languages was self-taught. Although I would have liked to embark on a formal education earlier, I suffered from extreme anxiety and felt I could not do so. I have read the work of respected historians/scholars/classicists, including Dame Mary Beard, Tom Holland, Sir Ronald Syme, Gavin Townend, and Anthony Birley, to name only a few. I have also, of course, studied the work of Tacitus, Suetonius, Pliny the Younger, and Flavius Josephus, again, to name only a few classical works, as well as the literature of the New Testament and Old.

My belief is that we usually only learn something new when preconceptions are put aside when we discover that we have been mistaken about something.

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