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Creating Christianity - A Weapon Of Ancient Rome

Creating Christianity A Weapon Of Ancient Rome Book
institute of classical studies library hellenic and roman library

a best seller in New Testament criticism and ancient Roman History on Amazon. Now available in the Hellenic and Roman Library - Institute of Classical Studies

The book is also available to be reviewed by academics based in the UK or Ireland, through the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Note: The book is very controversial and goes against the current consensus of the origins of Christianity. Therefore, it may not be reviewed at all. The offering out of a book to potential reviewers by a journal editor is not necessarily an indication of scholarly merit. But, as with many journals, the JSNT does not offer all books out for review, as the book reviews editor Peter Oakes states:

Initial email:

Dear Henry


We get sent all sorts. Many are controversial. Some are by non-academics but they will only get sent out to a reviewer if they are judged to be academically signficant and written in a professional academic manner - the Booklist is an academic review journal. In any case, we don't like publishing very negative reviews so, if a book doesn’t look scholarly, we won't subject it to a scholar tearing it to bits.

Virtually all the books we review are from academic publishers. Very occasionally something self-published has been reviewed, but only if it’s clearly academically strong.


If you think you have a book that fits the bill, get a copy posted to us at the address below.


Best wishes

Peter Oakes

Follow up email:

Hello Henry


Yes. The book arrived. Thanks for sending it. It was offered out for review this week.


Best wishes


A profound and controversial investigation of a complex theme - the war that led to the fall of Jerusalem and the creation of the Christian religion.

'Nothing should be taken for granted when investigating the origins of Christianity and its history. Creating Christianity, written by Henry Davis, will go down in history as a groundbreaking work in proving exactly who the primary authors of the New Testament were. Mr. Davis' book corroborates the recent thesis of Professor Robyn Faith Walsh's The Origins of Early Christian Literature and examines the many parallels between the Roman military campaign in Judea (led by Titus Flavius Caesar) and the ministry of Jesus in the New Testament.

Davis provides evidence of the personal, religious and political motivations behind the Roman-Jewish war of 70 CE. He also deciphers the identity of the individual who wrote as Flavius Josephus, the ancient author who provides us with the principle account of the war. This book shows that the name Flavius Josephus was a pseudonym used by the primary author of the New Testament, a wealthy, educated aristocrat called Arrius Calpurnius Piso.

Piso was a member of the distinguished senatorial family known as the Calpurnii Pisones. This family is shown by Davis in chapter six - 'Flavius Josephus Never Existed' - to be related by blood to Emperor Vespasian. To my knowledge, Davis' evidence has not been refuted by any Biblical or Classical scholar and he has synthesized the curiously divorced fields of Biblical and Classical scholarship.

- Todd Masterson, NJ State Latin Teacher Certification (Montclair State University)

'Davis presents the results of his own explorations thoughtfully, providing a plethora of supportive data. A provocative and well-reasoned work, Creating Christianity is recommended for believers and non-believers alike, as the questions Davis is posing are worth exploring and well-argued.' SPR Reviews

'I found his selection of evidence to be both interesting and compelling...'Creating Christianity: A Weapon Of Ancient Rome is a thoughtful work of historical non-fiction by author Henry Davis.' Readers' Favorite

'Davis is painstaking in his research and provides ample textual evidence. Nevertheless, his highly unusual conclusions will likely find a skeptical reception from many believers and scholars.' Kirkus

The purpose of Creating Christianity - A Weapon Of Ancient Rome is to provide factual information regarding the origins of the early Christian scriptures. The book is not written in an attacking or condescending way.

The book explains how only the elite members of society had the means to create the New Testament scripture. Parts of the content of the book are taken directly from the original researchers' publication with consent.

Using valuable feedback from professors of ancient history at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the main conclusion of the book is that the New Testament (the new law) was created by a powerful senatorial family called the Calpurnius Pisos, who had the full support of their relatives, the Herodian royal family (the family of ‘Herod the Great’), and the Flavian emperors. The Piso family hid their name within the Koine Greek scriptures. The book explains many things, including:

  • why the supposed Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus, never existed.

  • how the Book of Revelation presents the name of the Piso family member who oversaw the creation of the Christian scripture.

  • why the number 666 was changed to 616.

  • the literary methods (as used on royal coinage) used to present the various family names within the New Testament.

  • how the 'rules' of the languages of the time; Hebrew, Greek, Latin, etc., were used to create names, including the use of isopsephy.

  • how the use of prosopography (the investigation of common characteristics of historical people by the collective study of their lives and multiple career analysis) has enabled this information to be discovered.

The investigation examines not only primary source documents in their original languages but also the work of others who have carefully researched various historical individuals.

Creating Christianity - A Weapon Of Ancient Rome is available on Amazon in the UK and US

The book is also available through the Institute of Classical Studies Hellenic and Roman Library website

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