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Creating Christianity - Now Available In The Institute Of Classical Studies

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Institute of Classical Studies School of Advanced Study University of London Hellenic and Roman Library

Creating Christianity A Weapon Of Ancient Rome is now available in the Combined Library of the Institute of Classical Studies. It is available to borrow for members of the Hellenic or Roman Societies who are resident in or a visitor to the UK.

The Institute of Classical Studies (ICS) was established in 1953 and its combined classics library is considered world class for research. It is a major resource centre for the study of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. In 1958 the institute moved to a new purpose-built accommodation at an address regarded, for nearly 40 years, as the national headquarters of the Classical world profession.

As an internationally-renowned research library, it is available to scholars from the UK and throughout the world. Its current location is the third floor of Senate House at the University of London. The institute has been the host of seminars, guest lectures and conferences with distinguished speakers from throughout the UK and the world.

Creating Christianity A Weapon Of Ancient Rome, Henry Davis, The Institute of Classical Studies, University Of London

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