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New Video Channel

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

A new video channel on YouTube has now been launched for

The videos are intended to make it easier for visitors to the website to digest the in-depth information presented. Many people may not have the time to read the long in-depth articles on this site, or, perhaps have difficulty reading them. The videos will present what the articles on this site do, that is, credible evidence from primary sources showing that current preconceptions regarding the history of early Christianity and academia's current understanding of the aristocracy of ancient Rome and Judaea, are inaccurate.

The first two videos cover the evidence showing Emperor Vespasian's descent from Herod the Great, meaning he was not from humble origins. More videos will be released soon.

Click on the images below to watch each video on YouTube.

Emperor Vespasian Video YouTube

Emperor Vespasian Video YouTube

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