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New Video Presentation Uploaded To The HenryHDavis YouTube Channel

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

emperor constantine

Two new video presentations have been added to the HenryHDavis channel on YouTube.

The videos investigate the reasons behind Emperor Constantine's choosing to promote Christianity.

The investigation examines Constantine's descent from the Flavian, Calpurnius Piso, and Gordian families of Rome, using data from primary sources, archeological finds, and respected secondary sources. The video also explains why Constantine must have known that using the Christian scriptures was politically advantageous in regards to controlling the population's thoughts and actions over time and that archeological evidence does not support the widespread destruction of pagan temples, instead, they were reappropriated.

Also discussed are the reasons behind the decision to translate the scriptures from Koine Greek into Latin, despite the fact that Latin was not the most commonly understood language in both the Eastern and Western provinces of the Roman Empire.

To watch the videos, just click on the images.

constantine the great

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